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“Seven Dirty Virgins and a Hoe”

Parents are signing up and sharing their stories!  Angie, a mom from Chelsea, Michigan signed on to our Parent Call to Action and shared what she and other moms are doing to improve healthy eating and physical activity not only for their own families but for the community.  Angie and six other moms thought it would be fun to plant a community garden to socialize, get exercise and have fresh produce.  The problem, however, was none of them had ever gardened before.  They decided to ask an expert to show them what to do and, “Seven Dirty Virgins and a Hoe,” as they call themselves, are now busy in their garden.  This labor of love isn’t just for their families, it’s a learn-to-garden-to-give-back-to-the-community initiative.  There’s even a large playground next to the community garden so their kids can play.  Here are the “Dirty Virgins” hard at work.  Way to make a difference, Chelsea Moms!

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Seven Dirty Virgins and a Hoe

Seven Dirty Virgins and a Hoe