Parent Action for Healthy Kids

At Parent Action for Healthy Kids, we know the magic of engaging families and we would love to share our bag of magic tricks with you.

We love children, we love families and we know you do too!

Family engagement is a fundamental element for helping our youth succeed

–  in the school system, in public health initiatives, and in policy. The approach requires changes to processes and policies – as well as professional development in order to create awareness of the value families can provide when they are engaged in a transparent, collaborative manner.

What We Do

We help you reach families, in any setting, and on any topic.  Impossible you say? At Parent Action for Healthy Kids, we have fun doing the impossible every day. We know and love families and can help you, the provider (education, health-care or non-profit) create a culture in your organization that becomes the foundation, or the “magic,” for engaging families.  We can teach you how to magically take your content and make it meaningful for families. This can be mental health, sex education, social-emotional learning, bully-free schools, whole child and more. Wherever you want to go with families, we will help you get there:

Infusion of Family Engagement into Programs, Practices and Policies

Professional Development for Providers

Conference Keynotes and Workshops

Family Engagement Climate and Culture Readiness

Advocacy Education and Coaching for Families

Parent Action for Healthy Kids - Barb Flis

Parents and the people who provide services for their children are at the starting line of kids lives and it's a lonely place. In this world of information overload, of doing rather than being, there is an epidemic of loneliness and isolation, a disconnect. Our goal must be to connect with each other so we become a community of people held together by feelings of belonging. This is the magic that will release us all from our limitations and allow the greatness of children to unfold.

Barb Flis

Founder of Parent Action for Healthy Kids

What Parent Action for Healthy Kids Believes

Families need to feel seen and accepted as they are.  This requires empathy and a strength-based approach.  The goal is not to fix families but to connect with them.

Spoken, or even just in thought, words matter a lot.  Are our thoughts and words about families positive or negative?  We have a choice with every thought and word about the kind of energy we want to create.

When said in a kind way, families will respect you for speaking the truth, and you will have the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Opening our hearts allows us to see more of what’s going on for families.

Do everything humanly possible to help a family navigate the system.  When we offer and receive help, a connection is made. 

Parent Action for Healthy Kids
Who We Have the Privilege to Serve

Our clients come from all places and in all shapes and sizes. No one is too big or too small to be a part of the magic of engaging families.  We will help you make your space a safe and compassionate one for families.

Because you deserve to shine.

We can help... lets talk! Engaging families is not as daunting as you might think. I extend to you an invitation for us to explore the ways you can bridge the gaps.

Help is just a click away.