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Barb Flis

Only Mothers Read Mother’s Day Blogs

You are enough! Yep, you heard me correctly, you are enough. You don’t have to try harder, do more, be more, give more. You are enough. It’s been quite a year and all the parents I have worked with (let me say the majority have been Moms) have become increasingly aware of their limits. I say, bravo!

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Barb Flis

Exposed & Vulnerable

Exposed & Vulnerable Yep, this pretty much describes how a multitude of parents and teachers are feeling right now, exposed and vulnerable.  Virtual schooling has

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When was the last time you went through a transition?

I confess, I was never one who moved through #transitions very smoothly. So I've focused my energy and wrote a blog about transitions grounded in Social and Emotional Learning (#SEL).

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Behind the scenes getting ready for our kids! The to-do list is never ending. It’s amazing to see it in action. Where is candid camera when we need it? Look at those smiling faces! The countdown begins. Forever grateful for teachers!❤️#teacher #Learning #student #BacktoSchool2021

Doris Goetz@DgoetzDoris

Part of the amazing Brendel team maintaining a balanced diet while setting up their classrooms! We will be ready for Monday!!

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