Why Family Engagement?

Engaging families to work in partnership with schools and communities improves the chances for student success in school, and throughout their lives. Family eng… [Read More]

Addressing Teen Pregnancy in Michigan: Moving Toward Solutions

The ninth annual Moving Toward Solutions Conference will provide educators, providers and community stakeholders with practical strategies for the day-to-day implementation of teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent sexual health programs.

Supporting Social and Emotional Learning in School (SEL)

Parents are very important people when it comes to when it comes to supporting social and emotional needs in school.

5 Ways Children Benefit from Social & Emotional Learning in School

A school that puts SEL into practice creates and supports a nurturing atmosphere. This allows students to stay calm and reduces emotional tension which improves their ability to learn. SEL knowledge and skills can also be a part of classroom lessons.

2017 Workshop Schedule: Helps Parents Talk to Teens About Sex

Parent Action for Healthy Kids announces the 2017 Talk Early & Talk Often® (TETO) parent workshop schedule. This two-hour workshop will help Michigan parent… [Read More]

Parents Play a Key Role in a Safe Prom Night

Barb Flis, Founder of Parent Action for Healthy Kids Parents and supportive adults play a key role in empowering teens to choose to have a fun and safe prom nig… [Read More]

How to Spot Bullies and What Parents Can Do

What is bullying? A bully is often thought of as a big kid who physically or verbally assaults a smaller kid.  But that’s not always the case. Bullying occurs w… [Read More]

Parent Action for Healthy Kids Launches Michigan School Nurses Care Awareness Campaign

With Michigan ranked last in the nation for school nurses, Parent Action for Healthy Kids (PAFHK), in collaboration with Michigan School Nurse Task Force, today announced a statewide campaign to increase parents’ awareness of the critical role school nurses play in schools.

School Nurses Save Time

… [Read More]

5 Ways School Nurses Reduce Bullying

… [Read More]

The ABC’s of School Nursing

… [Read More]

Celebrate the 4th of July the Healthy Way

… [Read More]

Why Reading 30 Minutes A Day Matters

Important reminder for parents to keep their children reading over the summer.

Ways to calm your child’s worries

What good has worrying ever done?   Here are some ways to calm your child’s worries. Kids don’t have to pay bills, cook dinners, or manage carpools. But — just… [Read More]

How to Have a Fun and Healthy Father’s Day

Here are some fun activities, as we’ll as low-cal recipes perfect for your Father’s Day celebration.

Dads Make a Difference

Research shows that Dads are an important influence on whether their teenagers become pregnant or cause a pregnancy. In many ways your behavior and the connecte… [Read More]