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From our Founder

Posted September 25th, 2009

Why We Need to Take Action

As parents we are aware and concerned about the health problems of young people and realize that if our children are not healthy they will not thrive emotionally, physically or academically. Our concerns are valid particularly when you consider these facts about children’s health:

  • More than 1 in 5 high school students in the United States are current smokers.
  • Almost 80% of high school students do not eat the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Only 1 in 3 high school students participate in daily physical education classes.
  • More than 1 in 3 children and adolescents are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.
  • Every year, more than 830,000 adolescents become pregnant, and more than 9 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases occur among young people aged 15-24 years.
  • Nearly 5,000 cases of HIV/AIDS are reported each year among young people aged 15-24 years in areas with confidential reporting.
  • Young people miss nearly 15 million school days a year because of asthma.
  • 37% of deaths among adolescents aged 10-24 years are due to motor vehicle crashes.
  • 1 in 5 young people aged 9-17 years have symptoms of mental health problems that cause some level of impairment in a given year.


From the time I took my daughters to kindergarten roundup more than 20 years ago, I have worked to insure that the health and well-being of all children remain a priority in our homes, schools and communities. We get just one chance to raise our kids, so let’s roll up our sleeves and work collaboratively with schools and community to insure that our children are healthy and ready to learn. I hope you will find this web site valuable in your efforts. Please share with me your comments as well as any resources that you have found helpful.


Barbara Flis, Founder