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We belong together!

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If you’re a parent, grandparent, mentor, teacher, a child and family services health or education provider or just a person who happens to care a heck of a lot about kids, then we belong together.

The way I see it, we’re at the starting gate with kids, and it’s a lonely place. There’s no shortage of opinions on what we “should” do, and yet very little support to help us get it done. For twenty years, Parent Action for Healthy Kids has made progress in creating a sense of belonging for those who do the “heart” work and “hard” work for kids. Yet, an increased feeling of isolation among us has created an urgency that we cannot ignore. We desperately need the social capital necessary to create a community of belonging. Please join us as we connect with each other by sharing stories of our work in an open, authentic and supportive manner. Why now? Well, as any parent will tell you, because our babies don’t keep.

Barbara Flis, Founder

Parent Action for Healthy Kids