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MTV launches a new campaign to empower teens to stop cyberbullying, textual harrasment & sexting

Posted January 6th, 2010

Last month, MTV launched a new campaign called, A Thin Line ( to address the emerging issues teens face now that the web and cell phones have forever changed how we interact with each other. 

If you watch MTV you may have seen the commercials promoting A Thin Line Campaign and website.  The website is a great resource for teens (and parents) to gain information on how to deal with issues they may be facing on a daily basis.  Topics such as sexting, constant messaging, spying, digital disrespect and cruelty are discussed, and solutions of how to “draw your line” are given.  There is also a Facebook fan page for A Thin Line, where they post updates and host discussions on the topic.  A recent post on the Facebook Fan Page is about John Mayer doing a “Digital Cleanse” where he abstains from reading or posting Tweets, or using Facebook, email and other social networking mediums until January 8th. If you have pre-teens, teenagers or young adults, I would encourage you to check out and share it with your loved ones!


**This information has been shared with you by Barb Flis, mother of two and creator of Parent Action for Healthy Kids.