Talk Early & Talk Often Workshop – Westland, Michigan

Talk Early & Talk Often®, is a nationally recognized parent education program aimed at helping parents of middle and high school youth talk with their child about abstinence and sexuality. The two-hour workshop can be offered to parents in the school, community, healthcare or church setting.

In the workshop parents learn about ways to open the door to conversation about abstinence and sexuality; recognize and use teachable moments to communicate important facts and values; have the opportunity to practice answering difficult questions; and to listen and respond with greater confidence and skill.

Parents are the primary abstinence and sexuality educators of their children. Continued communication at home is vital in helping our young people avoid sexual relationships they are not yet prepared for that may have serious consequences including pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. On-going, age-appropriate conversations about relationships and intimacy are most effective when they begin early in a child’s life and continue through late adolescence.

We only get one chance to raise our kids, so put aside embarrassment and fear and start to Talk Early & Talk Often℠! For information about fees and hosting a workshop contact Barb Flis, Founder, Parent Action for Healthy Kids at 248-573-7469 Phone: or teto@parentactionforhealthykids.org.

Please click here for 2017 Talk Early & Talk Often® workshop schedule and for registration information for each location.