Michigan Parent Engagement Presentation October 2010 Comments

What did you like most about today’s session?

  • The power of partnership with parents was good!! Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working job! I think you were able to give all in the room a different view.
  • I always like hearing about what others are going.
  • Barb is a wonderful speaker, engaging, entertaining yet she seems very grounded and normal.
  • Barb’s parent presentation.
  • Barb’s presentation was very good!
  • Power of Partnerships was excellent!
  • WellSAT was really engaging for my team. Team Time was very useful and productive time. Got through most of process Index. Sharing success activity went very well. Barb did a magnificent job as usual.
  • Everything!
  • Very much liked something I can take with me in every facet of life.
  • Working with parents was my favorite part!
  • Hearing success stories.
  • WellSAT and Barb’s presentation.
  • How to relate better with parents.
  • Enjoyed how to think and communicate with parents.