Marilyn Colby Rivkin, Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

Thank you very much for participating in MOAPPP’s 11 th annual conference, “Broadening Our Perspective: Refining Our Approach.” Participants come to the conference each year to be inspired and reenergized, learn new skills that they can bring back to their communities, and meet with others committed to improving the lives of young people and their families. Based on responses from participants -both verbal and in their evaluations, it is clear that people felt that that their expectations were met… and then some.

Overall, the conference was a great success. It is always a challenge to meet the needs and interests of all participants but with your help, it seems that we were able to do just that. Below is a sample of comments written on the evaluation forms about your keynote presentation:

•  I went into the session thinking, “yeah, yeah, working with parents is important -let’s get to the reception … and came out thinking “Oh GOD This is SO Boring. Please Kill Me, that was great and I learned a lot.”
•  Powerful to have a parent bring her perspective.
•  Wish she could come and work for Minnesota!

The amount of work to be done and the urgency of the issues we deal with are daunting. It is wonderful to know that we work in the company of so many wise, committed and talented people. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge, time, insights and experience with us. As one of our colleagues said, “One can’t help but walk away from an event like this with a renewed belief in the power of what we do and a strengthened resolve to make a difference.”
Please send us your travel receipts, who we should write the honorarium to (you or Parent Action) and your social security or tax id number, so we can settle with you in a timely manner.
Given that we did not see you on Friday, we fear that your parents are not doing well. My thoughts are with you as you move through this very difficult and painful time in your life. I hope you find great strength and support from your family and friends.
I hope our paths cross again in the near future.