Parents, take action to protect school-based HIV, STD & sex ed prevention programs!

In December, Congress passed the Fiscal Year 2012 budget that cut funds for the Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by 25%, slashing $10 million in funding from an already small budget of $40 million.

This far-reaching cut affects the 71 state, local, tribal and territorial education agencies currently being funded by CDC/DASH
to implement HIV/STD prevention through school policy, programs and practices.  If nothing is done, this crippling 25% cut will greatly diminish the capacity of education agencies to deliver these crucial services.

When it comes to sex education, the parent voice is powerful, so let it be heard!  Let your Senator and Representative know that you want the funding restored.  Taking action is easy and will take just a few seconds.

To take action and sign a petition that will go to your elected officials, go to

For more information about CDC/DASH, go to
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