Parent Action for Healthy Kids Launches Michigan School Nurses Care Awareness Campaign


September 17, 2014

CONTACT: Barb Flis
Phone: 248.538.7786

Parent Action for Healthy Kids Launches Michigan School Nurses Care Awareness Campaign

With Michigan ranked last in the nation for school nurses, Parent Action for Healthy Kids (PAFHK), in collaboration with Michigan School Nurse Task Force, today announced a statewide campaign to increase parents’ awareness of the critical role school nurses play in schools.

“Michigan’s ratio of school nurses to students is 1 nurse for every 6,607 students. With chronic diseases such as  asthma, allergies, diabetes and epilepsy on the rise, this is a recipe for disaster.” said Barb Flis, founder of Parent Action for Healthy Kids and School Nurses Care campaign coordinator. “We encourage all Michigan parents to stand up for their child’s health in school by signing onto the campaign and join other parents in learning about the importance of school nurses.

The impact of school nurses is considerable as it relates to a child’s security in the classroom. These professionals are licensed and trained to administer epinephrine during a life-threatening allergic reaction. They are trained to screen for bullying behaviors and to assess students’ health complaints, resulting in a reduction in the presence of bullying in schools. Furthermore, they are equipped to deal with the physical and emotional effects of bullying, should it occur.

The presence of school nurses has also been shown to improve student attendance rates through the promotion of good health, disease prevention and disease management. These efforts in turn save principals, teachers and clerical staff a considerable amount of time that they would have spent addressing the health concerns of students.

Through digital and traditional media, the School Nurses Care campaign aims to:

·         Bring awareness to parents about the shortage of school nurses in Michigan

·         Provide information about the role of a school nurse

·         Share tips on working with schools to support student health needs

·         Offer resources for parents on student health needs

·         Share parent stories

·         Encourage parents to “join the campaign” by visiting

·         Bring supporters together as a community in social media at

A downloadable School Nurses Care campaign flyer, fact sheets and additional educational resources can be found at the following website:


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