Give Yourself the Gift of Sleep this Mother’€™s Day

Posted May 11th, 2012

The other day a friend of mine and mother of three posted on her Facebook page: “The morning is starting off all wrong, I overslept this morning.”  I posted back:  “I would say it is starting off right!  Sleep is essential.   Your body is just reminding you of that!” 

According to the American Heart Association, long term lack of sleep contributes to obesity.  When you sleep less, you burn fewer calories and less fat.  Additionally, a Harvard study shows that a sleep deprived person has a greater tendency to crave and eat high-calorie foods. 

Consider what your body is telling you.  Are you sleepy mid day and need an extra dose of caffeine; when gassing up your car are you gassing up your body with a candy bar or bag of chips; are you irritable with your partner, kids or work colleagues; too tired to work out; or do you have trouble concentrating? 

Sadly we are under the illusion that by staying up past our bedtime we can be on top of things and be organized for the next day.  You might be organized, but at what cost?  Somewhere along the line our thinking has gotten off track.  Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night is not a luxury, it is an essential! 

There are enormous benefits to you and your family when you get a sufficient amount of sleep each night.  For instance, they will learn that family life is not about perfection and order, but about everyone doing their part so there will be more time to enjoy life and have some fun!  Even though our kids might complain when they have to pitch in, it does give them a sense of accomplishment and belonging which is a great self-esteem builder.  The greatest benefit is they will have the memory of a happy Mom!

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start practicing one of the essentials to a long and happy life….sleep!   Go ahead, put that “Mommy is Sleeping” sign on your bedroom door and have a great Mother’s Day!