“The Art of Roughhousing” and why every kid needs it

Posted May 22nd, 2011

This is a picture of Anthony DeBenedet at age 7!  I babysat for Anthony.  Now I am proud to say that Anthony is a husband, father of three beautiful little girls, a physician at the University of Michigan and now an author.  He co-wrote a book called “The Art of Roughhousing”  It is about good old-fashion horseplay and he talks about why every kid needs it.  It would make a perfect Father’s Day gift.  You might be interested to know what could possibly inspire such a book … I’m not sure but my guess is that the inspiration came from when he was just 7 years old.  You see Anthony’s father was a professional hockey player, they did a lot of horsing around;  and his mother an emergency room nurse, she fretted about the potential for trips to the ER ….. need I say more.  Isn’t it clever of Anthony to bring it all together in one fabulous book!  I know I am bias, but this is a book you won’t regret buying!  I love you Anthony!

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Anothony DeBenedet


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