5 Tips To Help Parents Discuss the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting Tragedy With Their Children

Posted December 14th, 2012

Parent Action for Healthy Kids is mourning the loss of those who were tragically killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. Our thoughts and our prayers are with all those affected by this horrific event.

Here are five simple things that parents everywhere can do to help their children to be in a more peaceful place:

1. Shut off the TV and radio, it serves no purpose to re-injure ourselves and our children over and over again with the details of the tragedy.

2. Explain to our children that our thoughts are powerful and the best thing we can do is breath in the suffering of all of those involved and then breath out our love and support.

3. Be happy and grateful for loved ones. This tragedy reminds us that the things we worry about pale in comparison to a tragedy of this magnitude.

4. Step back and let the authorities do their job. Do not jump to conclusions or create stories about the killer, the situation, or the victims.

5. Find out how the area’s nonprofits are getting involved in relief efforts and lend a hand.